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“If nature didn't make it, don't take it" - Dr Sebi




My health has changed

Moss gives me energy and also helps my brain function throughout the day. My job can be intense because I am constantly having to resolve complex issues or remember critical information. When I have this in the morning I genuinely feel like my mind is clear from fog and is more energetic. Sea moss helps my skin look fresher. Especially when I put it directly on my face



Loved the products

It lasts- I have purchased moss in the past from alternative suppliers that have been prepared and they go mouldy within 5-7 days. Mels moss in the other hand last for around 3-4 weeks It does not smell- sometimes with moss you get a raw “sea smell” which makes it challenging to swallow due to the taste. Thankfully Mels moss does not have a smell or taste



Great service

I’ve been using the capsules for about 4 weeks now and honestly, the way I’m feeling because of them is a dream. I’m anaemic, so normally feel quiet fatigued and lacking energy but ever since using the capsules, I’ve noticed my energy level raise all the way up Since taking the capsules daily 2 a day I have noticed I am more energetic and helped a lot of with my bowl movements


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